UK consumers can recycle their Pringles crisps (potato chips) cans from this month after a nationwide deal with recycling firm TerraCycle got underway.

The packaging for the Kellogg’s crisps brand is often criticised by environmentalists as a bastion of unrecyclability on account of its multi-material structure, which contains carton, metal and plastics. However, empty containers can now be sent to TerraCycle using freepost labels. The sender is then rewarded with a charitable donation for each container, which can be redeemed for the school, charity or non-profit of their choice.

The cans are then recycled and the pellets used to create products such as benches and fence posts.

The Pringles deal is one of a raft of similar recycling schemes pursued this year by major brands in response to the mainstream media backlash against single-use packaging. Mars launched a similar recycling scheme for petfood packaging, while Walkers did likewise for its crisp packets, and Colgate worked with TerraCycle for the recycling of its oral care products.