The Cold Pressure Council (CPC) is to oversee an HPP certified logo program for products that adhere to a standard HPP verification process.

Leaders in the high pressure processing (HPP) industry and food and beverage companies that use HPP as a key food safety measure formed The CPC, with a mission to promote consumer awareness, industry standardisation, and user education.

Jeff Williams, chief executive of Avure, said: “With the HPP certified program we’ve created, a logo will be available for CPC members to show verification of the proper use of HPP. Certification will ensure the processes in place are effective and being used to proper

Once a member’s HACCP plan, process, and validation studies are in good standing and verified by a third party, members can license the use of the High Pressure Certified logo.
The council is establishing guidelines for use of the logo based on members’ application categories and the guidelines for HPP juice are complete and other product guidelines will be completed soon.