Coke Zero being phased out in Australia

Coca-Cola is to replace Coke Zero with Coca-Cola No Sugar in Australia as it continues to seek ways of arresting sliding sales. Representing the fourth sugar-free or low sugar version of its flagship brand, Coca-Cola is confident that it has found a taste that is close to the original format.

Both Coke No Sugar and Coke Zero will be available initially, but the plan is to phase out the Zero version over time.

Coca-Cola debuted the new recipe last summer in the UK, with roll outs then following in France, Belgium, Ireland and The Netherlands. Soutb Africa is expected to follow later this year. The packaging also uses the company’s iconic red disk and displays the zero sugar more prominently.

However, Coke Zero is to remain in the US for the foreseeable future.

Diet Coke was developed as far back as 1982, and no additional sugar-free versions were launched until 2006 when Coke Zero was created. Then came Coke with Stevia and Coke No Sugar.