Canadian coffee company Berendo has chosen the petainerKeg as its packaging partner to support the launch of its B2B wet coffee business, which includes coffee and tea stouts.

The founders of Berendo, Lyse M Daigle and Nathalie Dion, briefed the Agro Food Laboratory to find them alternative to steel kegs when they were developing their wet coffee products. The one-way PET kegs were then recommended and Berendo chose the 20-litre version.

Lyse M Daigle, co-founder and vice president of Berendo, said: “For our new products we needed a packaging solution which not only protected their quality and flavour, but also met with our sustainability criteria.  We chose PetainerKeg because of its one-way footprint and recyclability.  It also saves on scarce resources such as water because it doesn’t need to be washed, and cuts out the need for environmentally damaging detergents.”

Vice president of Petainer Canada, Andres Jensen added: “Our one-way petainerKeg is now being used by a diverse range of businesses around the world, from brewers and wineries, to cold brew coffee and kombucha producers, thanks to its total cost of ownership and sustainability credentials.  We have a great partnership with Berendo and I’m pleased that we are supporting the growth and expansion of the business.”