Coca‑Cola HBC has appointed Zoran Bogdanovic as the company’s chief executive,
replacing Dimitris Lois who passed away in October.

He was previously serving as a region director and will now be responsible for
operations in 12 countries. He joined Coca‑Cola HBC in 1996 and has held a number of
senior leadership positions, including general manager of the company’s operations in
Croatia, Switzerland and Greece.

Bogdanovic has also been nominated as an executive director of the Board of Directors
of Coca‑Cola HBC for the next general meeting.

Anastassis David, chairman of the Board of Directors of Coca‑Cola HBC, said:
“Following a thorough process and benchmarking exercise, the Board is delighted to
announce Zoran’s appointment as chief executive. Zoran has a track record of
delivering results in diverse markets across our territories. His ability to bring out the
best in people and apply innovative thinking to new challenges make him the ideal
choice to lead Coca‑Cola HBC through its growth era.”