Coca-Cola has signed up to a deal with the FIFA 18 video game on a content integration package.

In the game’s story mode, the career of virtual footballer Alex Hunter involves him signing an endorsement deal as a brand ambassador for the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar product, which sees him film a commercial inspired by a famous Coca-Cola advertisment.

The computer-generated spot is a re-enactment of the brand’s classic 1979 “Mean Joe” ad, in which a young fan hands American football hero “Mean” Joe Greene a bottle of Coca-Cola after a tough game. In the in-game commercial, which all FIFA 18 players will see, Hunter is approached by a fan in the stadium tunnel and offered an ice-cold Coca-Cola Zero Sugar after exiting the pitch.

Matt Wolf, vice president of entertainment, ventures and strategic alliances at Coca-Cola, said: “We saw the opportunity to capture the essence of this classic spot, which is beloved by so many fans, and bring it forward to younger generations who may be familiar with the original.”