Left to right: Noel Tessier, co-founder and senior materials engineer; Jennifer O’Neill, quality inspector; and Conor Carlin, sales and marketing manager

Thermoforming tools manufacturer CMT Materials has expanded its production capabilities at its Attleboro headquarters in the US in order to keep pace with global demand for its plug-assist material, HYTAC syntactic foam.

Over the last nine months, the company has seen a global increase in new projects, machinery purchases and tooling deliveries, with sales and marketing manager Conor Carlin explaining that the firm is doing its part to maintain rapid response times for a worldwide network of distributors and customers.

“The increased growth is largely focused in packaging applications in Europe and Asia, with material shifts away from PS to PP and new, multilayer films. These more complex polymers require more sophisticated plug assists beyond our basic epoxy-structured materials. The main driving trends are growing popularity in ready-to-eat meals, changing consumer habits, and growing disposable income in emerging Asian economies,” Carlin explained.

Last October, CMT added a second shift in Attleboro and increased production capacity by 30 per cent. The recent expansion also includes a capital investment in three new ovens. In addition to productions assets, CMT continues to refine its manufacturing process to improve efficiencies. In January, the company also earned ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification.

“Thermoforming continues to be a versatile platform for brand owners and designers, providing high output and flexibility for production of a range of items,” said Carlin. “Macro trends such as the increased use of new, multilayer films offer opportunities for differentiation.”