The independent organisation UL Environment has confirmed that the use of Milliken’s Millad NX 8000 clarifier can result in energy savings of between 8-12 per cent in injection-moulded transparent PP products.

Milliken has collaborated with the China Plastic Housewares Association to help broaden awareness of the energy consumption reductions that can be achieved by using Millad NX 8000.

The company claims that downstream customers, particularly in Asia, can leverage this to their manufacturing advantage and the resulting UL Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) label to their marketing advantage.

“The association is dedicated to helping the entire plastics housewares industry in China become more efficient and eco-friendlier, and thus the UL label means a lot in terms of demonstrating a commitment to energy saving,” said Kurt Xu, China Business Leader for Milliken.

“While this effort is still in its early stages, five of the association’s leading member companies have now agreed that they will get the UL label authorisation for those plastics parts they produce using Millad NX 8000 as clarifier.”

Vincent Wang, Asia Marketing Leader for Milliken, added: “So far, a dozen or so upstream makers of clarified PP resin have adopted the UL label, and a few leading houseware brands in China, Taiwan and Thailand – including Picnic Plast Industrial Co. Ltd. in Thailand and Citylong Group in China – have been authorised to use it.”

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