Speciality BOPP film producer Cosmo Films has launched additions to its range of barrier films and now has a portfolio of transparent as well as metallised varieties.

The solvent-free coated films can be used for a wide range of FMCG packaging applications and are said to not only help in extending the shelf-life of the contents, but also with pack structure optimisation.

Global head of sales and marketing S Satish said: “We are excited by these new additions to our barrier films range, especially the BOPP replacement to the aluminium foil. We are now confident of meeting most shelf-life requirements of the food packaging industry with our extensive range of barrier films.

“All our barrier films have good printability and hence can be used for monolayer applications also. With our extended range of speciality films and our customised innovation focus, we are confident of meeting the new emerging packaging challenges via shelf-life extension and reduced plastics consumption.”

High Moisture Barrier Films (metallised barrier films) are corona-treated on both sides and can be used for duplex as well as sandwich lamination in snack foods, shampoo sachets, dry milk powder and powdered drinks sachets/packs, where loss of moisture is a concern.

Meanwhile, the High Speed Barrier Films with High Hot Tack film (HSB) are metallised moisture and oxygen barrier films that have a high hot tack and low SIT, which enables FFS machines to run at a higher speed, thus helping to improve productivity.

More information from Cosmo Films, 1008 DLF Tower A, Jasola District Centre, New Delhi 110 025, India. Tel: 91 11 4949 4949. Email: enquiry@cosmofilms.com. Web: cosmofilms.com.