Cyklop, a supplier of packaging systems for load securement, is using a new melt filtration system at its facility in Germany to increase productivity and reduce contamination in strapping tape made from PET bottle flake.

Nordson’s BKG HiCon V-Type 3G system features a screen changer to enable fewer backflushes that requires 40 per cent fewer changes. Plant manager Bernd Causeman explained: “It requires less maintenance and operator supervision than either the older Nordson system or a backflush system from a competing supplier. The system is particularly good in dealing with contamination surges.”

Melt flow is split and guided to two screen-bearing pistons with screens in each cavity. Each pair of cavities filters its respective melt streams until there is a removal of contaminant build-up. Polymer flows through all four cavities and while one of the screens in the cavities is changed, the other three remain in the process so that throughput is uninterrupted.

There is also a single hydraulically-actuated displacement piston that operates during backflushing. For each cavity, the piston retracts, creating a reservoir of filtered molten polymer, which is then discharged back through the screen, carrying away contaminant for removal from the system.

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