Microcellular foaming for blow-moulded components has received a boost with the launch by Trexel of the MuCell P Series gas dosing units, in which dosing control is adapted for short plasticising times.

Paired with suitable injection units, Trexel claims that the systems achieve high-precision dosing, even with minimal Super Critical Fluid (SCF) volumes.

Trexel’s chief executive Brian Bechard explains: “This means packaging components can be thinner walled or even designed with a thicker sealing edge at the flow-path end. Potential savings can run to 20 per cent lower weight, 15 per cent reduced cavity pressure and 30 per cent lower clamping force.

Already established with its MuCell physical foaming technology, Trexel is now focusing its research on chemical foaming so that it can offer both foaming solutions.
Using only calcium carbonate nano particles up to 0.08 microns, TecoCell chemistry is said to produce highly-uniform cell structures evenly distributed throughout the moulded part. The outcome is said to be weight savings, good mechanical properties and good surface quality.

More information from Trexel, Schlossblick 73, 57074 Siegen, Germany. Tel: 49 2261 5492 140. Email: m.betsche@trexel.com. Web: trexel.com