The Sigpack VPF (Vertical Platform for Flat Pouches) machine from Bosch, which is said to represent a new concept for the filling of flat pouches with powder products such as sugar, has won the German Design Award 2018 in the Excellent Product Design category. It is claimed to be the first freely scalable flat pouch machine.

The Sigpack VPF represents a new concept for the filling of flat pouches












Manufacturers from the food and pharmaceutical industries are able to scale
production from two to 12 lines and/or to change pouch sizes quickly in order to meet
current market demand. Furthermore, each line has its own dosing chamber and its
own stock of product. This means, for example, two products can be filled on the
same machine at the same time.

The German Design Award is the second accolade for the Sigpack VPF following the
German Packaging Award in 2016.