A PET container with integrated handle, called SureHandle, that can be used for high-pressure processing (HPP) in food and beverage applications has been launched by US-based Pretium Packaging.
HPP is a cold pasteurisation technique that introduces filled and sealed packages into a vessel and subjects them to hyperbaric pressure. This kills the bacteria while giving the product shelf differentiation, handling convenience while protecting the product’s nutritional and flavour value and adding visual appeal.
“Although there are many products suitable for HPP processing, we feel that SureHandle is a particularly good alternative for fresh juices whose brand owners don’t want to go to a more capital-intensive heat-set bottle,” said Barry Sak, marketing manager for rigid plastics manufacturer.
The container was subjected to compression, drop and tensile testing to make sure it could meet the distribution demands. It is currently available in a 64-ounce size with 38-400mm finish. It is said to provide carrying advantages and improved pouring control, for people of all ages.
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