As part of its ongoing commitment to the environment, Berry bpi group now has four sites that have achieved Zero-Waste to Landfill status.

The business, which is the UK’s largest producer of refuse sacks and the largest polyethylene recycler in Europe, had already been accredited at three of its UK manufacturing sites. Now the site of PLASgran, a recycler of rigid plastics that Berry bpi group bought last year, now sends nothing to landfill.

The company has also signed up to Operation Clean Sweep, an international initiative from the plastics industry to reduce the plastics pellet waste that ends up in rivers, oceans and beaches.

“The environmental benefits of recycling plastics are becoming more widely recognised, in turn, maximising reusable material and diverting waste from landfills and the ocean. For these reasons we’re proud to produce finished product from post-consumer plastics with zero waste from the process,” said Daryl Winder, a site manager for Berry bpi group.

Four sites have been awarded Zero Waste to Landfill certification from Valpak. This means the sites are: Sending zero waste to landfill – including production, hazardous and packaging waste; sending a limited amount of waste to be used for energy from waste (EfW) purposes; and committed to continuously improve, by reducing the amount of waste created and sent for incineration.

Of the waste sent offsite, the amount being recycled has increased from 20 per cent in 2016 when the business first achieved Zero Waste status, to 52 per cent today.

“It is now more important than ever that we walk the talk when it comes to waste,” added Winder.