Arla to remove ‘use by’ dates on all branded fresh milk

Over three quarters of UK consumers are confused by food packaging labels, according to a report commissioned by Arla Foods.

Uncertainty around ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates and confusion about storage instructions has led to an unnecessary increase in food waste.

As a result of the report’s findings, Arla is to remove ‘use by’ dates on all branded fresh milk and replace them with ‘best before’ dates only. The dairy cooperative is also asking UK consumers to go online and vote for the label that they most want to see on milk bottles.

“As a nation, we waste around 490 million pints of milk every year,” said Fran Ball, director of quality, environment and safety at Arla Foods UK. “By making some changes to the labels on our fresh milk and yoghurts, we want to make people’s lives a little easier and help to cut food waste in the home.”

The new ‘best before’ labels will roll-out across all of Arla’s branded fresh milk including Cravendale, BOB and Goodness, with the entire yoghurt portfolio also making the switch in 2020.