Arla is working with the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) to halve the amount of
food waste it produces by 2020.

By donating surplus products through the FEBA’s European network, which bring together
326 food banks in 23 countries, it will work in partnership with the likes of the Dutch food
bank, UK-based Fareshare and the Danish Fødevarebanken.

It will be contributing products that could not be sold when expected demand did not meet
the supply, or products that did not meet customer specifications. Vice president of
corporate social responsibility, Kristian Østerling Eriknauer, said: “The new partnership
strengthens our ability to benefit from the large network of food banks around Europe in
case there are large surplus volumes to be redistributed, which is not possible for local food
banks to absorb. In Arla, we want to minimise waste. However, when this is not possible we treat food as a resource to be reused or recycled.”