(L-R) Georg Anzer, Renate Keinath, Michael Vieth.

Injection moulding machinery manufacturer Arburg has been awarded a triple quality development certification in continuing education and training. In doing so, the company has become the first in Baden-Württemberg to receive three awards for its training services.

In February the company passed the DIN ISO 29990 quality management systems for learning services in non-formal education and training inspection. A further achievement was the 1A Excellent Training Company seal of quality, which was awarded by the chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) for the Northern Black Forest region.

Renate Keinath, human resources managing partner at Arburg, commented: “The three awards are a great success for our training organisation, which is unrivalled by any other company in Baden-Württemberg.”

Georg Anzer, director of human resources management, added: “They prove to the outside world that we are a company that provides an above-average standard of training, where people can learn very effectively for later life.”

A company representative said Arburg Training achieved 92 out of a possible 100 points. The auditors were particularly positive about three aspects; the first is the comprehensive training policy that all trainees and Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) students receive at Arburg at the beginning of their training, with defined training objectives including the desire to employ young talent. The second is the opportunity for commercial staff at Arburg to be found at the workbench and the third was in the area of human resources management, where the instructor’s skills are developed and adapted to new requirements.

Divided into two chapters – learning services and management – the quality handbook is required to meet ISO standards with regular checking by the auditor. “All the necessary processes are documented in detail in the handbook to make the structure of the training department transparent. This has a positive effect on the overall efficiency of our work,” explained head of training Michael Vieth.

The processes of the LQW certification were tested on a learner-oriented basis from the perspective of the trainees, with a final self-evaluation report for assessment by the auditor, a result of more than a year’s work. The second review is in four years.

The IHK Chamber of Industry and Commerce also assesses personnel development and career planning with training support. Arburg has received this seal of approval for the second time, the first being in 2014. The company believes the triple certification will act as a strong signal to all young people seeking reliable and interesting training for a prosperous future from what they say is one of the region’s biggest training providers.