US-based Agr International attracted plenty of interest at its K 2019 booth by demonstrating its Gawis 4D all-in-one measurement system, which performs a number of critical measurement tasks to aid in the management of bottle and preform design.

Once a sample is in place, a rotary lift table provides 360 degrees of rotation, allowing measurement at any position around the sample. Telecentric optics are incorporated into the Gawis 4D to ensure repeatable measurement regardless of container size.

Director of marketing David Dineff (pictured right) called it a whole new generation of precision measurement, featuring new electronic controls and taking less than 20 seconds to measure a bottle. With built-in thickness measurement, the Gawis 4D can measure an extensive range of finish dimensions on bottles and preforms, in addition to base clearance measurements. Measurements on the bottle/preform body can include diameter, height, finish tilt and lean. Multiple-definable areas include body, neck and total bottle. Minimum and maximum values can be determined within a defined area or panel.

The system also features AutoJob, which is designed to simplify job setup by providing automated recognition of key finish measurements on a sample. The Gawis 4D will scan the sample, identify the standard finish measurements for that sample, and incorporate them on the job.

Setting up a job can take as little as 15-20 minutes. 

“It will be commercial early next year,” explained Dineff.