Airing out a new recycling model

The 150 Air high-output air recycling machine manufactured by Munchy reprocesses scrap plastics into pellets at up to 150kg an hour, with the pellets then reused in the main production operation.

A dual-diameter screw design prevents the scrap plastics from being subjected to the thermal degradation normally associated with size reduction, allowing for air cooling to be performed at higher outputs.

The direct feeding onto the screw is also said to ensure that a higher quality of pellet is produced, which enables higher volumes to be returned to the main production operation.
Managing director Simon Brookes said: “Air as a cooling method is preferred over water pelletising systems because it reduces the machine footprint and overall is a ‘cleaner’ and more simple operation. Machine clean down is easier and quicker so the ability to switch materials without the risk of cross contamination is made easier.”

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