US plastics recycling company Agilyx has expanded its circular recycling capacity to include feedstock for ethylene and propylene crackers.

Already capable of processing scrap polystyrene for prime plastics production, the firm can now process polyolefin recyclables into a feedstock for steam crackers and use it to create chemicals for olefin manufacturers.

Based on 14 years of research, waste plastics materials management and commercial operations, Agilyx has developed the ability to process a range of plastics, including mixed and contaminated material, into the building blocks for new plastics.

Agilyx’s new product greatly expands the amount of waste mixed plastics – to include polyethylene and polypropylene – that can be diverted from landfill, further driving the circular economy for plastics and polymers.  

Joe Vaillancourt, Agilyx’s chief executive, said: ”This expansion of our production capabilities is a significant step in addressing environmental issues associated from the evolving plastics industry.

“Agilyx has spent many years combining a differentiated technology, demonstrating deep expertise in the chemical characterisation and conversion of a wide variety of waste plastics and polymers into a broad set of fuels and chemical substrates. The Company has made significant strides in producing a lower carbon footprint set of products and creating advancements to economic circular solutions. We are eager to provide sustainable and economic alternatives to the petrochemical industry and our growing set of strategic partners.”