Advanced Dynamics makes $300,000 investment

Advanced Dynamics is to invest £250,000 ($312,000) in its Bradford-based factory by the end of this year. The money will enable the filling machinery supplier to hire six new team members, explore new business sectors, improve its facilities and fund a rebranding exercise.

The investment comes after Advanced Dynamics recorded a significant increase in customer demand. The company has predicted a growth in turnover of 25 per cent, doubling its target figure for 2019.

It also follows the £500,000 investment that Advanced Dynamics made last year, which was used to expand its premises and engineering capability, hire additional staff and install a new ERP system.

“We are all pulling together to foster a customer-centric, service-focused supplier of robust automation solutions for manufacturers across multiple industry sectors,” said Tom Smith, sales director at Advanced Dynamics. “Food and drink started as our core markets, but we have since been ahead of the field in venturing into new sectors, including micro-breweries, vaping, hemp and CBD.”