A line of additives has been launched by Penn Color that is said to enable the use of higher levels of rPET in blow moulding and film extrusion applications.

Increased levels of rPET in production can potentially harm product packaging, firstly because it can reduce the Intrinsic Viscosity (IV), and secondly because greater levels of rPET can cause finished parts to take on a dirty, grey appearance.

Penn Color claims that Boost, a series of multi-functional chain extenders that promote linear extrusion by means of reactive coupling with PET end groups, will maintain a stable manufacturing process and ensure good quality of the finished part. Additionally, the company’s Aquabright technology improves the aesthetic appearance as it neutralises the dirty effect, to be replaced with a brighter and cleaner look.

The company says that the additives, which are available in solid and liquid form (as standalone additives or as part of a colour masterbatch) facilitate the improvement of Life Cycle Inventory (LCI).

More information from Penn Color, 400 Old Dublin Pike, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901, USA. Tel: 1 866 617 7366. Email: info@penncolor.com. Web: penncolor.com