Additives and masterbatches manufacturer Tosaf has launched an anti-fog masterbatch for polyethylene (PE), which is designed to be an efficient solution to achieving enhanced transparency in packaging film.

The film is said to be particularly efficient in reducing the harmful effects of water droplets forming on packaging film when refrigerated, which can obscure contents and lower the overall quality of the product. Tosaf says it has been possible to do this through the use of migrating additives.

Tosaf has also launched its third-generation anti-fog masterbatch, called AF7380PE. According to the company’s Film Additives R&D manager Dr Evgeni Zelikman the benefits lie in its combination of anti-fog activity and optical properties.

AF7380PE is suitable for a range of production processes, from laminated PE films, multi-layer co-ex barrier films produced by blown and cast extrusion and oriented films produced by double- and triple-bubble production technology.

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