German thermoplastic elastomers manufacturer Kraiburg TPE has designed a make-up product for popular designer goods brand Christian Dior using its Thermolast K compound.

The container, for a mascara called the Diorshow Pump’N’Volume, features soft components that enable the brush to be easily supplied with the mascara by squeezing the container.

Marion Defour-Colas, make-up packaging development manager at Christian Dior, said: “Together with Mayet, our mascara and packaging specialist, and Kraiburg TPE we were looking for a material solution that was both flexible and aesthetic that would be processed by multi-component injection moulding.”

The bottle is made with a two-component injection moulding process with a copolyester-based internal structure. “It was essential that the TPE compound would ensure the compromise between copolyester adhesion, softness and low hardness while maintaining elastic recovery after repeated squeezing during the product’s whole life cycle,” said Sylvain Coutan, project manager at Mayet.

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