Graham Engineering’s Revolution MVP system is a blow moulding machine that includes a self-contained, modular clamp design and a variable pitch feature.

Combined with the Quick-Change mould system, the design is claimed to offer the precision and output of a Graham wheel with the versatility of a shuttle.

Other features include reconfigurability between 12 and 24 stations and the ability to produce bottles up to 16 inches tall. As well this, the machine is capable of up to 8rpm, with bottle-per-hour capacities of 11,520 for single-parison operation and 46,080 for dual-parison, neck-to-neck operation.

Rob Schroeder, Graham Engineering’s business development director of blow moulding systems, said: “We think of Revolution MVP as ‘the wheel reinvented’. Our goal with this innovation is to extend the precision and output of our wheel platform into multi-bottle or higher changeover environments for leading brand owners and the converters who serve them.”

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