A US company specialising in the production and marketing of probiotic drinks has purchased a second Sacmi labeller from the modular KUBE range.

The machine was selected for its flexibility, productivity and hard-wearing, compact design that maximises efficiency.

It has been acquired to boost the firm’s capacity, which sees this drink (containing health-enhancing natural probiotics and organic acids) as its flagship product. The KUBE labeller features two self-adhesive labelling modules with a non-stop reel replacement unit that improves productivity.

The labeller was designed by Sacmi to be easily be integrated on existing lines and joins another KUBE at the facility that is already being used to apply semi-wraparound labels on glass and plastics containers.

More information from Sacmi, Via Selice Provinciale 17/A, CP 113 40026, Imola (BO), Italy. Tel: 39 0542 607 111. Email: [email protected] Web: [email protected]