Meat packer La Granda has chosen Braskem’s I’m Green polyethylene, a plastics made from ethanol that is derived from sugarcane, for its packaging in a bid to improve its environmental credentials.

The meat is packed in pouches made of paper and PE (from a renewable source), with La Granda claiming that each kilogram of I’m Green PE used saves more than 5kg of carbon dioxide.

The outer packaging is made of the PE while the barrier film has a renewable component of more than 80 per cent and is supplied by Italy’s B-Pack. Printing and lamination takes place using a solvent-free technology produced by Italian converter ACM-Plastic.

“La Granda’s objective is to aim the balance between the three pillars: environmental, animal and human. We have worked on improving agricultural practices, creating sustainable models,” said founder Sergio Capaldo, while nutritional improvements and the development of small farms satisfy the other two pillars.

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