The BIB Wine Company's bag-in-box range

UK-based Enval has added three food and drink brands to its zero-waste-to-landfill flexible packaging recycling scheme.

As part of the scheme, known as the Laminates League, customers of the BIB Wine Company, Merchant Gourmet and Funkin Cocktails will now be able to send their used packaging directly to Enval for recycling at its Alconbury facility in Cambridgeshire.

The packaging used by the three companies is all composed of several layers of different plastics. Using its novel pyrolysis technology, Enval recycles the low-density plastics packaging waste into oils that can be reprocessed and put back into circulation to produce new plastics.

When treating pouches containing a layer of aluminium foil, Enval’s technology separates the aluminium from the plastics packaging and turns it into ingots that are then used to manufacture new products.

The recycling scheme already counts consumer brands Little Freddie, The Collective and Yeo Valley among its members. Enval said the three new members boosted its presence among business-to-consumer companies while enabling it to enter the business-to-business sector.

The BIB Wine Company joined the Laminates League in December 2020, initially for the recycling of its wine taster packs. The company is now extending its involvement in the scheme to its main product, a range of bag-in-box wines.

The bags and taps used in the product will be recycled by Enval. Customers are able to add a free prepaid recycling bag with each order, which will enable them to send the used packaging to Alconbury. According to the recycler, The BIB Wine Company is the first UK boxed wine company to offer its customers a method to recycle 100 per cent of its packaging.

Merchant Gourmet will integrate the Laminates League into its newly launched Appetite for Change Recycle Scheme, with the aim of keeping 100,000 pouches out of landfill in the first year.

Enval will recycle the company’s ready-to-eat pulses and grains pouches, as well as its chestnut and chestnut puree packs. Merchant Gourmet’s customers will be able to request a free recycling kit from the company’s website, which they can use to send the product to Enval in a prepaid envelope.

Funkin Cocktails’ trade customers will also be able to recycle the company’s puree pouches through the Laminates League scheme by using the free, prepaid recycling bag with each order.

Enval chief executive Dr Carlos Ludlow-Palafox said that with each new member, the Laminates League demonstrated to local authorities, fast-moving consumer goods brands and consumers that flexible complex packaging can be recycled using his company’s technology.

“We are looking forward to welcoming new members and working more closely with local authorities, waste handlers and other contractors to develop and implement an efficient collection and segregation system across the UK,” Ludlow-Palafox said.

Ready-to-eat pulses and grains from Merchant Gourmet

Merchant Gourmet managing director Richard Peak said: “Enval’s commitment to making positive changes to the plastics and waste management industries aligns with our appetite for change.

“Its innovative chemical recycling process was the most sustainable solution for recycling hard-to-recycle plastics than any other options available. Now that we’re part of the Laminates League, we’ll be able to recycle most products in our range and provide a simple one-stop solution for our customers.

Ben Anderson, marketing director at Funkin Cocktails, said: “Our puree pouches are a central part of our business, so we wanted to ensure that we could offer an efficient and sustainable disposal solution to our customers. Enval’s recycling scheme and technology perfectly match what we were looking for.”

Oliver Lea, co-founder and managing director at The BIB Wine Company, added: “Joining the Laminates League enables us to offer our low carbon footprint packaging while ensuring the best possible recycling outcome for our products, once used.

“We believe Enval’s solution will change the way we recycle in the UK and further afield for the better, and closes the plastics waste loop.”