In the expanded test centre in Sonthofen, BHS customers can test every step of the recycling process

Machinery and plant engineering firm BHS-Sonthofen has expanded the test centre at its headquarters in Germany and has undergone modernisation work in the areas of recycling and environmental technology.

BHS conducts tests with shredding, sorting, and conveyor technology for the recycling industry and environmental technology in a space that spans nearly 1,000 sq m. This allows BHS to offer its customers the option of testing all process steps.

Every input material is different: This makes it all the more important for BHS and its customers to carry out extensive tests together

When it comes to recycling and the environment, no two input materials are ever the same. That is why it is imperative that recycling companies conduct extensive tests with the respective input material before deciding on a specific plant layout.

At its Sonthofen site, BHS offers customers the opportunity to conduct comprehensive tests using their own input materials. Magnets, screening, and various separating tables provide the right technology for sorting shredded products.

“Our test centre, which opened in summer 2019, has already raised the bar in the areas of mixing, shredding, recycling, and filtering,” explained director of process development, Steffen Hinderer. “Thanks to the expansion of the recycling and environment test division, our customers are able to test all their processes in this area even more comprehensibly in our facilities.”

In addition to optimising the conveyor technology, investments for the expanded area of recycling also include sorting machines. Dryers and mixers can also be installed upon request.